CED Central European Economic Development Network Nonprofit Ltd., as a member institution of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for Hungary's export promotion and the implementation of the country’s economic development efforts in Central Europe. 

Thanks to our 23 foreign offices in the neighboring countries and in Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and our Hungarian presence across several county seats, we have been able to accurately explore both demand and supply. Through the harmonization of our extended network we aim to facilitate the successful entry of Hungarian enterprises into foreign markets, subsequently increasing Hungary’s export volume and enhancing the region’s economic competitiveness.

We have developed our extensive service portfolio, that covers all segments of commercial processes, in close compliance with the needs of Hungarian enterprises and international trends. All this ensures that all of our partners, regardless of their size and export experience, can use our toolkit the most effectively, which includes targeted partner search and mediation, monitoring specific export opportunities, participation in regional trade fairs with discounts and ensuring company representation.